Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 20 - Divine Remedy & Redemption


Remedy, also known as relief, is the application of a real solution to a precondition; If illness, a medicine that specifically helps the patient may be considered a remedy; If law, a remedy may be a solution that ends the controversy and shows honor; If evil, a remedy may demonstrate such divine compassion and wisdom that evil is "consumed".

A claim cannot be said to be a valid solution if it does not contain such remedy to solve the items over which it claims jurisdiction. Nor can an officer of any society claim rightful authority and representation if they fail to honor their own laws if they refuse to recognize remedy, or present a valid alternative.

Therefore remedy does not only represent the "cure" to the prevailing problems such as evil, but it also represents, when perfected, the remedy to the living law.

A remedy of such dimension as the Covenant of One Heaven by its very perfection and dimension becomes supreme law, unless such alternates present a superior alternative.


Remedy to evil cannot be more evil

The remedy to evil cannot ever be more evil, as it only strengthens evil. Therefore, any valid remedy to evil must demonstrate some alternate force of such superior form that when executed and in force no evil can withstand it.

This is the very essence of Divine Remedy and the presence in purest form of Unique Collective Awareness. That a remedy is applied whereby evil is compelled by its own consent to abdicate such negative behaviour and join the United Society.

To be effective, this Divine Covenant must demonstrate Remedy of such wisdom and compassion to give effect to that which has been prophesied.


Divine Remedy

It is generally believed by most living men and women that for some thing to truly represent Divine Remedy, it must possess such real and manifest power that no living man or woman can be in any doubt that it is all that it claims to be.

Therefore men and women are rightly to expect proof that such real and manifest power can be demonstrated by the power and authority of this most sacred Divine Covenant so that there can be no doubt that the Remedy it demonstrates is the highest of all law, the highest of all authority and Divine Remedy.

By tradition and popular culture, there is but one standard by which Divine Remedy is to be believed being the concept of a Miracle.

In its most essential form, a Miracle is a clear and unmistakable demonstrate of divine intervention which defies all known physical and philosophical laws of society. When a child with terminal cancer is sick and is suddenly cured may be caused a genuine medical miracle. Similarly, the immediate cessation of evil upon the planet earth, or a family instantly overnight saving their own home from repossession or foreclosure equally might be classed as a miracle.

Therefore, unless this most sacred Covenant first performs such number and quality of genuine and unmistakable Miracles of Divine Intervention to heal the suffering of men and women across the planet Earth, then the greater Divine Remedy proposed by the Divine Creator may not be believed.

To demonstrate to all men, women and higher order beings, living and deceased that this most sacred covenant represents the one, true and only Divine Remedy of the Divine Creator, a series of Miracles are therefore executed.

This is done to ensure that all men and women have received fair notice of Divine Remedy before the Day of Judgment and then the Day of Redemption.



Redemption is both the action, event and result of Divine Remedy demonstrating Divine Compassion.

By this sacred Covenant, Redemption is be the name of the action, event, ceremony and result of when the pre-assigned Membership Number of a Member of One Heaven, living or deceased, is "redeemed" by an authorized custodian of membership on behalf of the Society as defined by this sacred Covenant and associated Original Law.

Redemption is the most sacred of Days as the one and only true Day of Redemption UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].


Redemption and Forgiveness for Evil

By this most sacred Covenant, all those who willingly consent, free from duress to undergo the sacred ceremony of Redemption and "redeem" their pre-assigned Membership Key to One Heaven or on behalf of a deceased family member or respected figure, then that Member will be also redeemed of any associated guilt, judgment, penalty, spiritual judgment, spiritual charge or condemnation, sin, transgression ever done during their lives, without condition.

When a living Member "redeems" a deceased Member through the Act of Redemption, it is the highest respect and honor.

Furthermore, any existing member who presently holds office under an alternate society of evil who undergoes the Most Sacred Act of Redemption and redeems their pre-assigned Membership Key to One Heaven is offered further Redemption in the Offer of Extraordinary Qualification and Special Qualification for Office both of One Heaven and all associated Societies.


Divine Redemption is Here Now

Divine Redemption is here now, pronounced by this sacred Covenant. Divine Redemption is the most holy Day of Redemption.

The coming of the New World

It is not only in this divine work do we recognize the hand of the Unique Collective Awareness but in the hand of the document that seeks to set the New World alive. To bring healing to Earth in fulfillment of the words of the great prophets and saints of all indigenous cultures and all tribes.

To re-awaken the young to the true power of their heritage. To raise up the spirits of the ancestors in a dance of joy that all souls damned have been freed, that the curse on the land has been lifted. For if one of us is cursed, then all of us are cursed.

And it is upon our efforts and our strength that this new world is forged from the old. An age of tribal respect. An age of tribal renewal. An age of the healing of the Earth. An age of Unique Collective Awareness of Great Spirits and joy.


The dream

The dream that has never been is the dream of the Homo Sapien species as one. For it is a noble and blessed dream to believe that one day all of men, women and higher order life, living and deceased, might be joined under one covenant, one Covenant for the betterment of ourselves, others and our species as a whole.

But in being more than a dream, this document seeks to make real part of the dream. Of the unity of souls of all men and women. That in ending the war in heaven,all of heaven might be united. In all of heaven being united, all men, women and higher order life living on Earth might be united.

For when we were the dream of old, we were but one tribe. Now we are all tribes, we are the One Heaven. And in being so, the dream is greater than it ever has.


The image of heaven, the collective dream

And it has been the hope of many that the image of heaven will be as they dream. A place of great beauty, a place of great harmony.

And yet such dreams have remained a distant memory for many on Earth, as no surety is provided, no proof that such paradise awaits even those who believe.

By this document it is entrusted to the hands of the living the responsibility to architect Heaven. That the dream of heaven is as it is believed on Earth. That to the three great religions is entrusted the design of heaven as the faithful wish it to be. And in designing heaven in art, movies and other media so its image are by this covenant.

And the most blessed image of heaven are when heaven is made on Earth. When peace and happiness and joy are found on Earth, that is the greatest blueprint for One Heaven.