Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 2 - Structure of Covenant

Structure of Covenant (link)

The Covenant is structured into building blocks of Clauses, which in turn form Articles which then form Chapters.

The Covenant is made up of 144 Articles, which are then assembled into 12 chapters.

These chapters are:

I. Purpose
II. Principles
III. Membership
IV. Power
V. Objects (supreme collective)
VI. Objects (regional belief collective)
VII. Objects (belief collective)
VIII. Objects (local collective)
IX. Systems
XII.Obsignatum (Enactment)

Subject to any future valid amendments as permitted under Article 105, this is the core structure of the Covenant.

Effect of stylized format on meaning of Charter (link)

With the exception of the colour of text, the stylized features used in this Covenant are for cosmetic improvement of understanding only. These features have no impact on the clauses or articles of the Covenant.

The Colour of text is thus: red until the Day of Judgment, then blue until the Day of Redemption and then black after the Day of Redemption as the permanent colour.

When considering the legal application of the Covenant, it may be read as one single set of Articles without consideration to section headings, stylized font or page layout.