Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 17 - Persons

Person (link)

Person is the common term used to describe any physical man, woman or fiction and a set of fictional identifiers, rights, obligations and ownerships.

The term is originally derived from the Latin persona, or "actor" making clear the distinction between a "living thing", its "persona" and possible questions of ownership of the "persona". However, these distinctions are not generally acknowledged when people most regularly associate the word "person" as another way of saying "human being" and therefore "Roman person", or some other.

By its very nature, a person cannot be a physical or spiritual thing, but a fictional classification/set of relationships associated with the physical or spiritual thing. The physical body has an existence entirely separate from its name, its size, its weight. It occupies its own unique space and time, independent of the "person".

Similarly, the mind and spirit exist entirely distinct and separate from any "person". The person cannot "own" the mind or the spirit, nor can the person be used in substitute for the mind or the spirit without the tacit consent of the mind and spirit.


Person Identifiers (link)

A modern person may be comprised of numerous digital and physical identifiers of information. The most common and essential of these unique identifiers being firstname, middlename, clan or surname, date of birth, location of birth.

Additional identifiers may then be issued associated with this unique person identifiers including: birth certificate number, social security number, passport number, tax number, health benefits number and drivers license number.

While a society may create, issue, store and use unique person identifiers, it is a sacred fact that it is the man, woman, or higher order spirit, living or deceased that owns their person, benefits from their person and that any user of this information is merely a trustee and not the ultimate owner.

By the power and authority of this covenant, any society, entity, faith, person or organization that claims ownership rights upon the essential person of men, woman and higher order beings living and deceased are hereby null and void, without legal standing, regardless of any ancient deeds, patents, bulls, instruments or uses.

It is the individual man, woman or higher order spirit that has ultimate ownership of their essential person information, not some other person or entity.


Divine Immortal Spiritual Person (link)

By this Covenant, every man, woman and higher order spirit living and deceased is recognized as a full member of One Heaven, having a unique membership number issued in accordance with this covenant. This number also represents the existence of an individual Divine Immortal Spiritual Person.

A Divine Immortal Spiritual Person is any man, woman, higher order spirit living or deceased and their essential person identifiers recognizing their name, their unique characteristics, their valid registration, their history and their deeds.

When a valid Registration Number from the Great Register is redeemed as the recognition of the existence of a Divine Immortal Spiritual Person, the associated spirit agrees in True Trust to ensure the Society of One Heaven administers the rights and obligations of the member as Trustees.

Therefore, no other society, organization, association nor person or group may claim higher trust, standing or position than the Society of One Heaven in accordance with the registration of Divine Immortal Spiritual Persons from and in the Great Register of One Heaven.

It is for the Divine Immortal Spiritual Person that an individual member has issued their Live Borne Record- as a Divine Immortal Spiritual Being incarnated into a Flesh vessel, with all unique person identifiers owned wholly and controlled wholly by the united Divine Immortal Spiritual Person.

The Divine Immortal Spiritual Person is the first Person, the highest Person, the primary Person from which all other lesser Persons derive their consent and authority.


Use of Person (link)

When the word Person is used by this Covenant or any associated instrument, it is implied a Divine Immortal Spiritual Person and then any lesser and inferior type of Person second, unless explicity stated otherwise.

Therefore, when reading any official legal instrument or text stating the word Person, it applies to the superior Divine Immortal Spiritual Person.


True Person (link)

A True Person is the Legal and Equitable Title of a True Trust formed from a Divine Trust associated with a Divine Person and Title. A True Person can only be formed when a Divine Person and Divine Trust are in existence.

A True Person is owned by the True Trust which in turn is owned by the Divine Person under Divine Trust and Title. No other lesser Trusts, lesser inferior persons can claim ownership, liens, seizures, enforcements or other unlawful acts against a True Person.