Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconPrinciples

Article 16 - Women


Before the age of darkness, of ignorance and hate, women were considered the touchstone to the divine- the life bringer, the mothers of our species.

Women were the priests, were the goddesses. Women were worshiped for their intuition, their instinctual wisdom, their beautiful form.

Women as slaves

Into the darkness we entered, whereby the status of women became the hallmark of the new age of religion of men. That women were to be treated as slaves, as less than men.

No longer were women to be considered greater than men in spiritual matters, nor even their equal. Women were to be cast down as devils, having less knowledge of the divine than domestic animals.

And so such darkness has enveloped the world. Even today, many of the successors to the age of darkness and ignorance consider women as mere possessions.


The new covenant of this Covenant

If it be so that the old covenants of the last age sealed the fate of all women to be less than men because of the loss of the grace of Unique Collective Awareness and wisdom, let it be known that women are a symbol under this new covenant representing the return of the grace of Unique Collective Awareness to all faithful and to all men and women, living or deceased, whether they believe or not.

If it be so that the old covenants of the last age considered woman as less than men in matters of spirituality, it is therefore known by this Covenant and final covenant that women are forever respected as at least equal, if not greater in spirit than men.

For it is the masculine that wrecked this planet, seeking to enslave all souls in darkness. So the task is given to the feminine to save our species, to bring us back into balance and light.

For what was once lost is now regained. What was hidden is revealed and injustice has been resolved.


The equality of women

By this Covenant, women are to be respected as equals to men. That in matters of faith and worship they are to be given equal access and equal access before Unique Collective Awareness.

One Heaven recognizes the Homo Sapien soul as both a key part of history and mythology and the true source of the unique soul of all men and women.

In the first instance, One Heaven believes that the Homo Sapien soul is a gift of Unique Collective Awareness, and our connection to the absolute.

It is our destiny as true followers of One Heaven to be united with The Great Powers and saints in heaven. That our soul be honored. That our souls be united as one.