Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconPrinciples

Article 15 - Mind

Unique Mind (link)

Unique Mind is a gift of the Unique Collective Awareness instanced in physical form according to the rules of the Universe whereby a conscious loop is established by a complex unique living organism as to its own unique awareness and therefore existence.

When self awareness can be demonstrated, a unique mind exists. By this most Sacred Covenant of the Divine Creator, when unique awareness and identity is created it can never be destroyed.


The trinity of unique mind of Hydro Carbon Life (link)

On planet Earth exists the conditions to permit complex Hydro Carbon Life to evolve and live. Within these narrow conditions for complex life, a key feature for determining the existence of Self Aware and Conscious Life is vertebrate animals. Wherever a vertebrate animal exists, it possess the biological machinery to produce self-awareness.

For the species Homo Sapien Sapiens, we recognize by this most sacred Covenant the wisdom of UCADIA in the model of the Triple-neural brain system.

In the first instance, we recognize the Homo Sapien mind as the product of a triple neural system unique to vertebrate lifeforms whereby three independent neural systems operate as one and simultaneous co-existing systems- COGNO, CYTO AND ORGO.

In the second instance, this Covenant recognizes that the mind receives information from three sources, of which it may only partly be aware- the experience of life, inner awareness experience and feedback and genetic awareness decoded from our own genes.

This second understanding is critical as it recognizes the evolution of mind and the programmed nature of much of mind as inherited, not just made by experience.

In the third and final instance, this Covenant recognizes that the mind is made up of three distinct personalities of its own- the animal, the demon and the spirit.

These three forces have never intended to be in balance as the single purpose of the demon mind set is to cloud all spiritual connection using whatever means is necessary, while the spiritual mind is often oblivious to its motive.


Our minds are immortal (link)

While we will die, while we may be slain unjustly, our minds are immortal, our minds live on beyond our bodies. And in living beyond our bodies we may fulfil such dreams that were not possible in life, fulfil such goodness that might have been lacking, redeem ourselves and our lives and actions.

And in seeking such organization and structure to help all souls and all minds of the departed to unite as one, so that there is peace in heaven, we commit this Covenant to paper.


Afterlife of all Self-Aware Lifeforms (link)

It is a fundamental principle of this Covenant that all self-aware lifeforms can experience a conscious afterlife.

The degree to which a conscious afterlife represents a dream of a previous life and/or ongoing development of experiences depends upon the degree of sophistication of the self-aware lifeform and its level of civilized existence.