Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObsignatum (Enactment)

Article 144 - Obsignatum


THE HIGHEST CONCORDING PARTIES, In recognition and witness to the validity of the most sacred Covenant and deed, the Treaty of the Divine Masculine as defined by Article 45, The Treaty of the Divine Feminine as defined by Article 46, the Treaty of the Divine Apostles as defined by Article 47, the Treaty of Angels, Saints and Demons as defined by Article 48, The Treaty of Spirit States as defined by Article 49, the Treaty of the Sun as defined by Article 50 and The Treaty of the Earth as defined by Article 51, with one another Agree to this Deed and Covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum.

In recognition of our united pledge to this Covenant and the proposition of a United Heaven, we do hereby bestow our authority including all instruments of power, all claims of authority unto the holy Covenant of One Heaven and to the proper authority and structure of associated valid societies.

That no claim to the contrary by any temporal body, no matter what year of formation shall counter this pledge and transference of power. Furthermore, that all claims of power and authority by temporal authorities to speak for, act on behalf of the Divine Creator, Great Spirits, Angels or Saints is immediately rescinded, and reserved for this Covenant and those institutions directly formed and named by this document.

Ratification of Deed and Covenant

By Agreement of the High Contracting Parties, This Treaty and Covenant shall be Ratified upon the Day of Agreement and Understanding on UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 also known as Monday, 21 Dec 2009.