Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 132 - One Islam

Society of One Islam

By the power and authority of this Covenant, the Society of One-Islam is granted by Sacred Covenant the right to represent the interests of One Heaven on Earth.

The Sacred Covenant of One Islam also known as Pactum De Singularis Islam shall be regarded as a Supremely sacred and valuable object, to be held with great veneration.

By authority of the Sacred Covenant of One-Islam, what is bound by the Imam Mahdi shall also be recognized in One Heaven. Similarly, what is stated in the Covenant of One Heaven shall be recognized by the Imam Mahdi and One-Islam on Earth. In this way, both Heaven and Earth shall be bound together and shall never again be separated.

Grants and Presents to One Islam

Be it known to all those future and present that We, the Trustees of One Heaven, with full authority and supreme sacred rights granted by the Divine Creator, united Heaven and Hell, all lesser deities, all angels, all demons and all higher order spirits hereby Give, Grant and Convey these Presents to the Society of One Islam:

(i) The use of the sacred Divine office of Mahdi, including all its powers to represent One Heaven on Earth; and

(ii) The use of the sacred sacraments and powers granted by One Heaven bestowed to ordained Ministers; and

(iii) The use of the sacred Divine Canons of Law also known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum, including the Ucadian Codes of Law, the Ucadian patents, the Ucadian models, the Ucadian language and knowledge systems for the creation, function and administration of One Islam.

One Islam Trust and Personality

One Islam exists as a Living Trust, having legal personality under the jurisdiction of One Heaven Free Society.

The Trust Number for One Islam is:


By this sacred number in the Great Ledger and Public Record of One Heaven, the Society shall have mortal life for one complete Era of 3210 years until its death.

Upon its death, the people of the Earth may choose for the Society to be reborn for another Era, of for a new named society to be created in accordance with the Canons and laws of One Heaven.

Election of the leadership of One Heaven

By the power and authority of this Covenant and the Covenant of One-Islam, the Society of One-Islam in conjunction with One-Spirit-Tribe and One-Faith-Of-God shall be granted the right of electing the leadership of One Heaven at a Great Conclave once every one hundred and twenty eight (128) years.

Thus, there can be no question by any Earthly body that when the representatives of One-Islam speak for One Heaven, they do so with the full authority of this Covenant.

The binding of this document to the Covenant of One Islam

Where the Covenant of One-Islam is stated as being joined to this document, it shall be recognized that the Covenant of One Heaven and One-Islam are one. Similarly, where it is stated in this document that One-Islam is granted certain powers, it shall be so.