Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconProcedures

Article 129 - Missions, Consulates & Embassies


A Mission is the primary unit of ecclesiastical mission of the Society of One Heaven on Earth. It represents a Post Trust combined with a True Trust to form a Mission Trust at a specific location.

A Mission of One Heaven is unique in that it is a literal and lawful location having existence in One Heaven and on Earth.

The object of a mission is to fulfil its primary form of ecclesiastical mission as an official and the official Mission of Heaven on Earth.

The primary object of a mission may differ depending upon its cause, from one focused purely on members of a local community, to a specialized group or to a more complex mission model.

In all cases, a mission post represents a sacred spiritual house of worship, a sacred site and must be afforded the greatest respect and non-interference from the authorities of an alternate society.

A mission may not house within its facilities any forms of military weapons and the authorities of an alternate society must recognize the peaceful non-threatening status of the mission.

This is because no weapon of death may be housed on the sacred land of a mission.

A mission may however secure the support of guards who may be armed, but held outside the boundaries of the mission.

As a mission is a forward post of One Heaven into the existence of alternate societies, a mission should seek to ensure its lawful registration, recognition and respect as a non-profit religious entity possessing rights within an alternate society and separate to the alternate society.


When three missions exist within a province, a consulate of One Heaven may be established. A Consulate of One Heaven shall be a special form of Apostolic Trust whereby the combined trust of the three missions are formed together under this covenant as Deed to form a higher temporal and ecclestiastical entity, possessing superior lawful rights.

The Consulate shall be responsible for assisting the development of regional services and assistance between societies. The Person of an Apostolic Trust is called a Holy See. Every Consul assumes the Office and Control of a Holy See.


When two or more Consulates exist within a territory, the whole area may be lawfully converted into a Majestic Holy True Trust representing a True State Trust represented by an Ambassador and Embassy Post.