Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconProcedures

Article 120 - Blessing


By the power and authority of this Covenant, a formal process shall exist for the statement, transmission and action of Blessing.

That when a man, woman or higher order being states a blessing in the knowledge and authority of this Covenant, by the power of the Universe they shall also be calling upon a specific grace and benefit to the men, women or higher order beings to whom the blessing is directed.

The formal process of blessing

In order for a blessing to be valid, by this Covenant, two forms of blessing shall be considered acceptable- the short (informal) form and the long (formal) form.

(i) The short (informal) form

The short (informal) form of blessing does not include a statement of origin of power, nor of reference of authority but merely states the blessing itself such as "Bless you" and/or "May you be blessed" or "May the universe bless you".

Upon making a short form blessing, by this Covenant the caller shall be making a direct call to the Universe and to the angels to assist that man, woman or higher order life form to their benefit.

(ii) Long (formal) form

The long (formal) form of blessing must include the statement of origin of power and the reference of authority in the blessing. The following are acceptable examples:

"By the authority of (Covenant name) may you be blessed"

"By the power of (Covenant name), may (name of absolute) bless you and keep you safe from harm"

Acknowledgment and recording of all blessings

By the power and authority of this Covenant, all blessings in the proper form shall be recorded by the knowledge systems of One Heaven and communicated to the guardian and inspiration systems of One Heaven.

Where resources permit, by respect of a blessing, additional resources shall be allocated to guide and protect a living soul that has been blessed in the formal process for a period of sixty four (64) Earth days from the date of the last formal blessing.