Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 114 - Spells and Curses

Spells and Curses

It is recognized that since the earliest of civilizations, men and women have sought to influence their world, not only through science and knowledge but through their beliefs in magic, most specifically spells and curses.

A spell is a ritualistic form of vocalization/incantation usually involving one or more symbols of power intended to bring about some outcome invoking a binding power. A curse is a particular form of spell, designed to evoke a negative binding power. Therefore, the most powerful spells have always been believed as curses.

The Binding and Return of Curses

By the laws of the Divine, all spells have two parts- the binding and the return. The binding is the spell evoked and the return is the response received once the spell has matured.

By the laws of the Divine, it is impossible to evoke a spell or a curse spell to bind without also evoking the return once the spell or curse spell has matured.

A maturing may be brought about by the spell being completed as intended, or the spell being challenged by divine protest. However, the concept of a spell being broken is misleading as once invoked, a spell has energy and existence and cannot be "unmade", only redirected.

When a spell matures, it returns to its maker for reckoning. Thus if a spell is invoked to hurt and for ill, the maturing shall see its maker receive such ill intent with usury (interest).

Only when such spells and spell curses utilize deference and placement to channel returns to a holding state can the reckoning of curses and spells be suspended. However, the law of the Divine cannot be tricked and all spells and curses must mature eventually.

The Forbiddance to Curse

It is considered an injury to the Divine to curse and all members are forbidden to formally invoke great curses upon other immortal beings and spirits.

An Anathema issued under a Anicetum Decernere (Final Irrevocable Judgment) shall not be regarded as a great curse invoked by the society as an Anathema is in response to grave behaviour amounting to a curse issued by the individual against the Law and the Divine.

All previous curses, bindings, hereby dissolved

Any and all spells, curses, bindings and spiritual constraints prior to the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor are hereby dissolved by authority of the Divine Creator, with any remainder returned to those men, women, higher order beings, officials, aggregates, persons or entities that first issued them, or still claim succession from those responsible.

Therefore, from the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor, no spell, curse, binding or spiritual constraint previously issued may be said to have any supernatural or legal effect and any claim of control, right derived from such spells, curses and bindings shall be hereby null and void.

Any curse or spell knowingly and deliberately issued by any official of a society that denies the authority of the Covenant of One Heaven after the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor shall be immediately and fully personally liable for the debt, spiritual binding, accounting of the curse or spell they issued with the intended effect of such acts against another null and void.