Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 113 - Anicetum Decernere Judgments

Anicetum Decernere Judgments

When the One Heaven Supreme Court is in session upon the Earth in accordance with this sacred Covenant, The Court may uses its Original Powers of Jurisdiction to make rulings in accordance with Divine Canon Law and this Covenant by Judgment, whether or not a sacred writ has been issued by a third party.

These rulings shall be known as Anicetum Decernere Judgments and shall represent the highest of law and valid addendum to the Covenant.

The word anicetum was chosen as it means "unsurpassable sovereign remedy", while decernere means "decision, judgment, decree". Hence, Anicetum Decernere literally means "final, absolute, irrevocable judgment"

Anicetum Decernere Judgments as Law

Any Anicetum Decernere Judgment is ipso facto original law and primary law of any and all societies of men, women and higher order spirits, living and deceased to the extent that it does not contradict this most sacred Covenant or the body of Canons known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum.

As a final and irrevocable judgment from a a validly constituted court, Anicetum Decernere Judgments may be official cited above any and all other case law, precedents, judgments and orders of lesser courts.


Valid Anicetum Decernere Judgment

Anicetum Decernere Judgment may only be considered valid if they adhere to the following essential criteria:

(i) That the Judgment meets the criteria of a Quorum for any matter of Original Jurisdiction; and

(ii) That the Judgment falls within the original powers and jurisdiction of the Court; and

(iii) That the Judgment does not contradict any Article of the Covenant of One Heaven, nor previous Anicetum Decernere Judgment; and

(iv) That the Judgment introduces at least one new ruling not previously addressed in any previous Anicetum Decernere Judgment; and

(v) That the Judgment is rendered before the end of the Year of Redemption or within the forty (40) day period of a Great Conclave.