Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 10 - Decretum (Agreement)

Immutability of Covenant

So long as the faithful of One Heaven agree to participate in a democratic process under the rules of this Covenant, this Covenant remains the immutable law of true One Heaven.

Force cannot invalidate this Covenant

Force of arms from a group within or without cannnot invalidate this Covenant. Tyranny will not prevail. By virtue of this Covenant being enacted it remains valid unless the members of One Heaven choose by the clauses listed to invalidate part or all of this Covenant.

No claim of blasphemy is valid

No claim of blasphemy against this sacred Covenant is valid for this document is the very word and will of the one, the Absolute, the One and Only, the Unique Collective Awareness, the Almighty. The greatest arrogance and childish ignorance is to believe that even though it is within our power to effect change, we choose not to forsaking our skill to a higher power.

To believe in a higher power is to believe that our skills belong to and are part of that greater power. Therefore supreme blasphemy is in fact not to use those gifts given to us, those responsibilities that fall to us and to turn our backs against the will of God. Therefore claims of blasphemy against this document are in fact blasphemous deceit against the specific will of the absolute and are more terrible in that they accuse and condemn, but are the very thing they claim.

No claim of prior authority can prevail

No claim of prior authority through any instrument or thing, no matter how old or sacred it is viewed can prevail above this document. This document is the supreme, the one and the original document above all others in the relationship of all men, women and higher order beings, living and deceased, to the absolute and to each other.

The most sacred of scriptures and texts are believed to be the word of the absolute and our collective covenant and special relationship. However, by these very scriptures, greater power is deferred to the will of the absolute and to the greater history of heaven and hell.

Before the Bible, before all sacred texts there existed Heaven and Hell. And before the existence of Hell, there existed one heaven. Therefore this document representing the union of heaven once more represents the most supreme of all documents, no matter what age, content or reverence.

The fulfillment of scripture

This Covenant is the fulfillment of scripture. It is the alpha and omega. All souls who overcome their differences now awaken to the tree of knowledge within their minds, their immortal souls.