Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 1 - Purpose of Covenant

Purpose of this Covenant (link)

The primary purposes and aims of One Heaven are:

1. Goal of Existence

One Heaven exists in all dimensions now and forever.

To exist, One Heaven must exist as something real, something well structured and self-sustaining.

The existence of Heaven is validated by its existence as a universal belief amongst all people from all cultures and religions.

The sacred promise of the Divine Creator is the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and therefore the existence of One Heaven in all dimensions and the manifestation of the Covenant of One Heaven is proof of existence.

2. Existence of heaven

That the existence of Heaven is accepted as a truth by all people of all cultures and religions.

That all cultures and religions may see within this document the validation of their own essential beliefs and truths.

That this document represents the highest respect to all cultures and religious beliefs.

3. Existence of a United Heaven

That people throughout the world recognize that so long as their individual beliefs of Heaven are constrained by the limits of their belief system and existence of adversaries, there can be no united and singular Heaven.

Therefore in respecting the essence of their individual cultures and beliefs as being both superior and encompassing all others that they recognize a formal model must exist by which a united and co-operative Heaven exists.

That in order to exist, a united Heaven as One Heaven uses this Covenant as the basis of its existence.

4. Recognition of Existence by all entities

That in order to exist, One Heaven exists as properly recognized legal and spiritual entity within the framework of law and belief of every religion of every nation of men, women and higher order beings now and forever.

That in representing the fulfilment of their individual belief systems, that official organizations around the world recognize in treaty, deed, article and law the existence of One Heaven as having legal personality and rights.

5. Peace in Heaven, peace on Earth

That there is peace both in Heaven and on Earth, now and forever.

So as above, so it is below.

For peace to exist on Earth, peace and unity must reign in Heaven.

So long as Hell exists, Heaven is at war.

Therefore, for peace to exist in Heaven, this document exists to proclaim the end of the war in Heaven, the unification of Heaven and the end of Hell.

By the official end of Hell, Heaven can be united in peace.

Therefore, the Earth may also be united in peace to the proposition that we are all ultimately higher order beings who collectively believe in a common life after death in the framework of One united Heaven.

6. Structure, design and function

To exist, a unified Heaven exists in dimension according to geometric and logic principles according to the rules of this document, now and forever.

7. Awareness of position and responsibility

That in order for this Covenant to be morally bound on Earth as a sacred covenant, its Articles must be ratified by living Members who join together in subscription to the existence and validation of this document.

Therefore, all clauses of this document must be subjected to test by the living Members of this free association and secondly by the laws passed at an official convention (Great Conclave).

By such ratification, that all Officers and Members of One Heaven are forever bound by solemn duty to uphold the principles and articles of this Covenant and to always act in a compassionate and humble manner towards all the living and the dead.

Furthermore, in recognition of this sacred Covenant and oath of union that One Heaven exists, so that all souls may be saved, so that no spirit remains condemned.