Canonum De Lex Ecclesium
Canons of Ecclesiastical Law

one heaven iconII.   Supernatural

2.2 Supernatural Entity

Article 34 - Divine Creator

Canon 3668 (link)

The Divine Creator is the Supreme deity and God of all gods. In accordance with these canons and the most sacred Covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum, there is no higher possible deity or god than The Divine Creator of All.

Canon 3669 (link)

The Divine Creator is equivalent to the valid term Unique Collective Awareness when describing the Divine Creator as the greatest, most perfect dimension and existence.

Canon 3670 (link)

The Divine Creator is equivalent to the valid term UCADIA representing the set of all sets of objects and concepts being Unique Collective Awareness of DIA, or units of pure and perfect meaning.

Canon 3671 (link)

The Divine Creator is equivalent to the valid term ALL representing Awareness Loves Life and the expression and answer of all questions, all reason and purpose of existence including the process of creation.

Canon 3672 (link)

The Divine Creator is not equivalent but greater than the term Universal Consciousness as a dream cannot exist without a dreamer.

Canon 3673 (link)

In accordance with Natural Law, anything less than Unique Collective Awareness and existence would not be possible.

Canon 3674 (link)

No deity or god less than the Divine Creator can by logic be greater than the Divine Creator.

Canon 3675 (link)

All authority of the Divine Creator is bestowed in Trust to the Society of One Heaven and no other.