Canonum De Lex Divina
Canons of Divine Law

one heaven iconI.   Introductory provisions

1.1 Divine Law

Article 1 - Canons of Divine Law

i. By Right, Power and Authority of Article 89 of Pactum De Singularis Caelum, also known as the Covenant of One Heaven these pronouncements of law known collectively as Canonum De Lex Divina and also known as the Canons of Divine Law are hereby promulgated in the original form of Ucadian Language; and

ii. The Canonum De Lex Divina represents the primary, one and only true first canon of Divine Law. Excluding the Covenant of One Heaven, all other laws, claims and agreements claiming standards of Divine Law shall be secondary and inferior to the Canonum De Lex Divina ab initio (from the beginning); and

iii. These Canons of Divine Law may be taken in official original document form and spoken form to represent one complete set of the twenty-two (22) Canons of law known collectively as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum, also known as Living Body of Divine Canon Law and the highest of all Original Law; and

iv. When referring to these Canons of Divine Law collectively it may also be taken both in printed form and spoken word that we mean this complete and accurate set of laws as the highest of all Original Law; and

v. In accordance with these Canons of Divine Law, the Society of One Heaven also known as the One Heaven Society of United Spirits, also known as the Holy See of United Spirits, also known as The Holy Society reserves all rights to itself; and

vi. As all rights are reserved, no translation, copy, citation, duplication, registration in part or whole implies any transfer or conveyance of these rights; and

vii. When part or all of these laws is presented or spoken in any language other than the Official Ucadian Languages, it may be taken as a translation and not the primary language. Therefore, any secondary meaning implying deficiency, claimed abrogation of any right or any other defect of a word in a translated language shall be null and void ab initio (from the beginning); and

viii. When referring to these Canons of Divine Law collectively it may also be taken that the primary and original form of these laws resides as a supernatural spiritual document registered in Heaven first and a physical document registered in the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven upon the Earth second. Therefore, wherever an official and valid form of these laws is present in physical form, it shall be bound to its spiritual form, from which it derives its spiritual power and authenticity; and

ix. Let no man, woman, spirit or officer of a lesser society place themselves in grave dishonor of Divine Law, Natural Law and the Living Law upon denying the validity of these canons of law. Having been warned, any act in defiance of these laws shall have no effect and any spiritual invocation in opposition to the validity of these laws shall be immediately returned upon the maker. As it is written, so be it.